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ANKA acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia. 
This website may contain images and names of people who have passed away.

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Today ANKA supports over 5000 artists working individually and through 47 remote community Art Centres spread over one million square kilometres of the Top End of NT and WA.  ANKA regions of the tropical north include over 50 Indigenous language groups and a number of Australia’s most inaccessible Art Centres.  Many members are nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

ANKA works on behalf of its members to promote, resource, educate and protect the work of Indigenous artists and Art Centres.  Every dollar donated directly helps to keep art, country and culture strong.  

For further enquiries please call the ANKA office on 08 8981 6134 or send an email to

All donations made to ANKA above $2 are 100% tax deductable and can be receipted.

All donations and your support of ANKA are greatly appreciated.

ANKA is currently seeking support for the following special projects 


Arts Worker Extension Program
This leading program gives vital opportunities for education and career development for Aboriginal arts workers from remote communities. It literally changes lives. Support is needed to launch the important second phase of this proven program.  For more information view ANKA  Projects, Art Worker Extension Program.

Cultural Legacy Program  
The Cultural Legacy Program supports a journey towards well-resourced community based and run, supported art and culture spaces.  Consultations with ANKAs membership has identified the need to recognise the significant knowledge held within ANKAs regions and to provide employment opportunities, cultural education and the ability to maintain and preserve culture on country. 
As the peak body, ANKA strives to:

The long-term vision of the ANKA board and its membership is to develop and support a thriving network of well-cared art and culture spaces, staffed by highly skilled supported Aboriginal people.  For more information view ANKA Projects, Cultural Legacy Program

Prize for Senior Arts Educators
The work of elders teaching the next generations of artists and cultural leaders goes unpaid and is largely unrecognised by the wider world. But as it always has, transferal of Indigenous traditional knowledge and art skills relies on the tireless effort of elders and knowledge holders. The ANKA board wants to sponsor a new Award to recognise and respect senior artists who do this vital work keeping culture and art alive for coming generations.

Arts worker Augustina Kennedy (Djilpin Art Centre, Beswick) working on conservation with ANKA Chairman Djambawa Marawili AO at Melbourne University during ANKA’s cross-cultural conservation certificate inaugural program in 2018.